About Novare

We Prove Excellence & Innovation Are Stronger Together.

Founded in 2012, Novare got its start as a CEO forum. Today, it represents 19 forward-thinking single-site and small system Life Plan Community providers from Hawaii to Connecticut and Montana to Florida. These members share knowledge, pool resources, collaborate, and enjoy a full schedule of events to create exciting new opportunities for their organizations and the residents they serve.

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We Believe in a Mission with a Vision

Novare’s mission is to accelerate member potential through peer-inspiring collaborative leadership to enhance the lives of older adults.


We Inspire Future Success through Next-Gen Affiliation

By joining Novare, senior living professionals connect to a breadth of knowledge that allows them to enjoy a variety of programs and resources that might otherwise be unavailable to a single-site or multi-site provider alone. With Novare’s next-generation affiliation model, each member retains its autonomy as an organization with control over its board, financials, and tax returns, while benefiting from direct access to and collaboration with other forward-thinking Novare organizations.

From the intense discussions to the social events, this group is clearly something special.

—Scott Crabtree, CEO/President, Lambeth House